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 Biografie -High Council Arbiter Nux-

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Arbiter Nux
High Council
Arbiter Nux

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PostSubject: Biografie -High Council Arbiter Nux-   Biografie -High Council Arbiter Nux- Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2007 12:00 am

Name: Arbitere Nux

Origin: Kamino

Medicloreance: 27,887

Race: Kiffar

Age: 31

Master/Former Master: None.

Padawans: None.

Status: Member of The Jedi High Council

Biografie: Arbiter Nux was born on kamino.
However at the age of 1 he and his parents moved to tatooine.
When he was 2 he gained a brother calleded Gyghyiio Nux.

At one night on tatooine a Imperial space cruiser flew over, what was very strange because it was not seen in almost 30 years.
2 years have past since that cruiser flew over.
And a ship landed in front of their house, a friendly looking ship.
We all went outside and a man came out the ship.
My father asked in a friendly way what is your doing here?
The man answerd: You and your famely.
Farther Why?
The man: because I am send to kill you.
The man trew a red colord lightsaber towards my mother.
She.. Died in front of my eyes.
My father told uss to wait inside.
And my father puled out his lightsaber, he was a Jedi after all.
The man Took of his robe and we knew his face from a book but their he was younger.
He was it... it was... Lord Obitus

He attacked and my father started the duel with him.
Finaly the Duel was over and the door opend my father stept inside and we where happy.

At my 6 birthday I learned to find people with hide and seek,I began to sens their presens.
At the age of 10 my father brought uss to the Jedi Academy and we bogon our training...

Biografie -High Council Arbiter Nux- Logogr2
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Biografie -High Council Arbiter Nux-
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