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 Army of the Republic.

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Jedi Archive Droid

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PostSubject: Army of the Republic.   Tue Oct 23, 2007 4:59 pm

The Republic will make a Grand Clone Army. (Played in SWBF2)

These are the Ranks we will have:
W (Warrior)
CW (Clone Warrior)
CT (Clone Trooper)
S (Sargent)
M (Major)
SM (Sargent Major)
C (Commander)
SC (Supreme Commander)
CA (Clone Adept)
CG (Clone Guard)
MT (Master Trooper)
G (General)
SG (Supreme General)

To be ranked upp you must earn points. Pints will be dissided after a battle. Example. BAttle on Kamino after the battle if you made more then 10 kills you will get 2 points. if you get more then 20 kills you will get 2 points if you made it over 30 kills you will be awarded with a medal (5 points.

W (Warrior) 0pt.
CW (Clone Warrior) 3pt.
CT (Clone Trooper) 7pt.
S (Sargent) 12pt.
M (Major) 20pt.
SM (Sargent Major) 28pt.
C (Commander) 35pt.
SC (Supreme Commander) 45pt.
CA (Clone Adept) 60pt.
CG (Clone Guard) 80pt.
MT (Master Trooper) 100pt.
G (General) 125pt.
SG (Supreme General) 200pt.

As you can see the points will be hard to get to be ranked up.


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PostSubject: Re: Army of the Republic.   Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:02 pm

Nice system and ranks
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Army of the Republic.
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