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 Ranks of the Jedi.

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Ranks of the Jedi. Empty
PostSubject: Ranks of the Jedi.   Ranks of the Jedi. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2007 12:54 pm


Every young jedi begins their yourney as a 'padawan'.
As a padawan they will be traind in nubers of 5 for every Jedi Master and Jedi Angel. In that class they will learn History Diplomacy and more...

Padawan Learner

When a padawan will be choosen by a Master trainer, he will be awarded
by the rank of 'Padawan Learner'. Training one on one he/she will learn the ways of the force in a stronger vieuw.

Jedi Instructor

When the Master Trainer of a 'Padawan Learner' feels like that he/she can take on more, he/she will be gained a trial. When pass this trial he/she will be gained the ranks of 'Jedi Instructor'. As a 'Jedi Instructor' he/she will be trained in more diffucelt ways of the force...

Jedi Knight

A 'Jedi Knight' is a Knight of the Rebublic and defedn their selfs.
He/She can now take on his/her own padawan learner. That will mean that he can be a Master Trainer. (This is the choise the most Jedi Take)

Your Choise begins here

A 'Jedi Knight' must choose out of these 2 ranks when passing his final trial. 'Jedi Guardian' and 'Jedi Angel'

Jedi Guardian

A 'Jedi Guardian' is a warrior from the Republic.
They are aspecialy strong withe their lightsaber.
The Guardians are not allowed to take on a Padawan Learner.

Jedi Angel

A 'Jedi Angel' is strong with the force and not strong with a lightsaber.
But Because they are so strong, thei are allowewd to take a padawan learner and to train a class of 5 padawans.

Your choise end here

Jedi Master

When a 'Jedi Knight'. 'Jedi Guardian', 'Jedi Agnel' has masterd all ways of the force he/she will be called with the titel of 'Jedi Master'
He/She can also take a Padawan Learner and are strong with ethe force and withe his/her lightsaber.

High Council
The Jedi High Council is a group of max 6 Jedi masters who are in a council and discust over new jedi comming, promoting, missions and more...
To become a member of the Jedi High Council, a Jedi master must be elected by all the members of the Jedi High Council.
If one member disagrees he/she will not become a member in the Jedi High Council yet.
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Ranks of the Jedi.
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