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 Jack would like to join (Example)

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Jack would like to join (Example) Empty
PostSubject: Jack would like to join (Example)   Jack would like to join (Example) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2007 3:43 pm

Name: Jack

RP age: 7

species: Human

Origin/Homeplanet: Naboo

Short life Biografie:
I was born on Naboo 2 weeks after my birth my mother died she was killed by a Sith lord. My father killed the sith lord and sayd to me: "I will always protect you" At the age of 6 my father tried to kill some remaining stormtroopers from the evil empire... He died in the battle, that is when I made my choise, I had to become a Jedi.

Timezone: GTM+2

Jack would like to join (Example) Logogr2
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Jack would like to join (Example)
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